Sim Model – Awa Diawara

As some people seem to like this Senegalese lady, I upload her. All my CC used for her creation is included. The CC from other (great!) creators is linked below. Go take a look, and don’t forget to thank them 😉

Awa is a young Senegalese aspiring artist. I named her after Awa Seyni Camara, a super gifted contemporary artist. As the woman she’s named after, Awa is confident, very creative, and joyful. She knows how to find happiness in every situation, even in the worst times. Have fun playing with her!

Mods from other creators used for Awa:

  • Bobbi hair by SheSpeaksSimlish HERE
  • 3D Eyelashes by Kijiko HERE
  • Eyeliner by GoppolsMe HERE
  • Perennial Puff hair by LeeleeSims HERE
  • Tight Curls with bandana by KiaraZurk HERE
  • Concious Earrings by BlahberryPancake HERE
  • Cut diamond Earrings by NataliS HERE
  • Winter Coat by Tukete HERE



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