UPDATED 03/08! Makeup and tints fix!

By default the makeup opacity is set to be more and more lighter as the skintone is darker. It’s a perfect non-sense and makes custom makeup looking weird on dark skinned Sims. I’ve made this fix, which corrects the lips default tint as well (too much “brownish” on dark skintones).

  • Compatible with all custom skintones and overlays
  • NOT compatible with mods changing the skin color
  • Applied by default, no category!
  • A compatible version for WickedWhims and Hiroki’s Better Body mod

03/08 UPDATE! EA’s default blush fixed! Download HERE

WARNING!!!! Some skintones appear pixelated with HQ on. It’s caused by an image compression issue, I’ve no way to fix that at this time. HQ is to use strictly for screenshots. Don’t worry, this issue doesn’t exist with normal and WickedWhims versions

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Eyebrows by Bobur (female) HERE

Eyeshadow and lipstick (Patrons monthly gift) HERE

Hair mesh by FooFeeDoo recolored by Meraki HERE

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